DEAD END,but Go.(2019)

BRCS-006 ¥1,500(Tax Inc.)


[Track List]

・The Way We Are

・Brave Heart

・First Time

・Why So Serious


・Grainy Golden


※2019/3/29〜 会場限定発売。




Up Against The Unknown(2018)

BRCS-005 ¥1,000(Tax Inc.)


[Track List]


・The Brightest

・Slain Duck


・All I Needed








1st Demo (2015)

BRCS-001 ¥500(Tax Inc.)


[Track List]


・Puppet in the Hands of Me

・Hope of Mine

・Never Say Never


2nd Demo (2016)

BRCS-002 ¥500(Tax Inc.)


[Track List]

・Triumphal Rhapsody

・Dempsey Roll

・Me and You

3rd Demo (2016)

BRCS-003 ¥500(Tax Inc.)


[Track List]


・Just So You Know

・Hope of Mine(Acoustic ver.)


Mixed Feelings(2017)


BRCS-004 ¥1,000(Tax Inc.)


[Track List]

・The Craziest

・Puppet In The Hands Of Me(feat.DJ NAOTO)

・Triumphal Rhapsody

・I kick you when you're down


・Hope of Mine